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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by sabetoonth View Post
What Surfer just said makes me curious. Does Marvel have the TV rights to all/most of their characters? And if they have the X-Men would that be a loophole for the Magneto/Mutants thing in the MCU if they were limited to TV? Maybe a stupid thought/question but one that might be worth discussing none the less.
They do, but with many restrictions. There was a lawsuit filed by FOX back in 2001 against Marvel due to their involvement in the launch of the Mutant X tv show. FOX's contention was that Marvel and Tribune Entertainment intentionally attempted to link the series to FOX's X-Men films - which is probably why Singer quickly changed his Quicksilver tweet when he appeared to be doing the same thing. Mutant X went so far as to use X Men movie footage in its original promo spots - a clear violation. Though FOX and Marvel reached a settlement a decade ago, it appears to be a very murky area in which Marvel would have to prove they weren't negatively impacting their film licenses by including characters in a tv show. Disney would likely want to avoid legal action on this matter.

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