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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

Ah, the tears... the bully gets punched in the mouth and goes crying to mom. Yes I understand the scene in the context of the story but all the same the feeling that the intent failed creeps in because of the inconsistency with who Bane was earlier. A man so weak who can't escape a well obviously has proven himself in other ways to earn the unwavering loyalty of his army as Bane had. Bane not having escaped the well doesnt automatically make him weaker than batman, the fact that he was rejected by the league of shadows and still reached the power he had shows he has overcome some challenge at some point.

Respectfully, I am just discussing my feelings on an aspect of the movie and am in no way trying to influence or change someones opinion. Bottom line a small "flaw" in a Batman movie is inconsequential given the overall excellence of the film itself.

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