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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

She may not be bad in battle but she's got too much screen time for the support her character gives to the story.

I also can't see any conection with the others characters, Jean relationships are with Scott and Logan, Logan with Jean and Rogue, Iceman with Rogue and Kitty, Jean with Scott, Logan and Xavier, Scott with Jean and Xavier, Rogue with Iceman and Logan... but Storm is in the middle of everybody and doesn't belong to any group dynamic. They tried to create one with Nightcrawler but I never understood if it was a romantic or philosophic relationship and it died in the same movie it was born.

She can't even be a real leader because in the first movie it was Scott, in X2 Magneto was more leader than her and in The Last Stand was Wolverine who made the team work, even when Xavier made her his heir .

In the end, everytime I watch a movie I have the feeling that the only thing Storm did was walking showing her cute cape and running up and down corridors.

I want her to die in a epic scene because I think she can be more interesting being one of the reasons for the time travel than fighting and doing nothing like in the OT.

Basically these are my thought about Storm. I love to death all the OT characers but I'm unable to care about her.

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