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Default Re: Quicksilver's hair - how should it look?

Originally Posted by Silvermoth View Post
I wonder if fox will have to keep their pietro's hair a normal colour and marvel will go more similar to the comics to try and differentiate it.

It makes sense that foxPietro will have brown hair like Fassbender and because Singer doesn't like strange hairstyles (he even had a problem with Storm's) but it wouldn't surprise me if they made his hair silver first just so Marvel are forced to give him brown hair, just to upset marvel's track record of translating comics to film accurately.

Maybe it depends on who releases a promo pic first? I hope marvel cast their Pietro soon
I would guess that TA2's Quicksilver has white/platinum hair as Whedon seem so into him and SW that I think he wants them to be like he remembers them from reading the comics.

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