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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

I saw Epic this morning. Thought it was very entertaining for a family movie. Though the story & plot isn't anything special and very cliched, but it works for me, I still enjoyed it. The animation was top notch, imo. I don't mind the voice actors except maybe one or two (Pitbull and Aziz Ansari) that was used. I was surprised I enjoyed the movie b/c I wasn't expecting much from it. Definitely something for the family to enjoy.
I thought Elfman's sweeping score was excellent in the movie and really intensified the animation on screen. He gives the leafmen in the movie a "celtic" tone. I also noticed two themes that's recited throughout the movie. The score does give sort of a John Powell vibe during some moments in the film. I'm sure Chris Wedge (director of Ice Age and Robots) probably wanted Elfman to take that approach. It's the tone of music Wedge and Blue Sky probably want in their animated pictures. Which make sense b/c Powell scored their Ice Age sequels, Robots, Rio, and Horton Hears A Who. It doesn't bother me b/c it shows Elfman getting out of his comfort zone. It also helps prove to the naysayers that Elfman does have range and willing to pursue new concepts for his scores. Btw, Elfman's music isn't a John Powell patische job. Elfman makes that Powell sound his own. It's still very much Elfman but following his approach of the scores to the Blue Sky animated films. It's fresh and adds a variable side in Elfman's pallete of scores. I enjoyed what I heard with the picture and look foward to picking it up. Hopefully in the future Elfman will get plenty opportunities to score pictures like these.

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