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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

^ Make a poll in the general area for CBMs and see who leads.

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Why would Bruce Wayne having reflector mirrors outside of his home be "illogical" in it's own world? How can it be an issue for someone anyway?

The reflections are the only way you could get a logical explanation for the signal to illuminate on Bruce in his study. From a filmmaking stand point, having him simply notice it in the sky wouldn't work nearly as well. That image of him "coming to life" and seeing the signal on the bookshelves in Wayne Manor is striking and iconic, that's the point.

Symbolism > Logic


Just saw Anno's post, hit the nail right on the head. The bridge emblem in TDKR from a logical stand point makes less sense than Batman Returns. He poured gasoline on the very top of the bridge all the way down the side of it, then got a flare to give to Gordon just to show everyone his awesome logo?

But a brooding millionaire/billionaire on the outskirts of the city having reflective mirrors on his mansion is "illogical".

It's not about the "logic" in either film, it's about sending a message. In Returns, the message is showing a beacon that gives Wayne a purpose. In Rises it's about Batman's return and showing the city and his enemies the ever lasting symbol.

Who cares if it "makes sense". Who wants to get bogged down with that noise?
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