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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

I'm not sure. It might be Tara's (Beyonce's character who's the Queen of the leafmen/people and is sort of a forest goddess, who's looking for an heir) theme. But it also could be a theme for the "forest", which is basically the world of the leafmen. And it also could be a theme for the "pod", which plays an integral part to the plot. Through the pod is how Tara will choose her heir. Throughout the movie the protagonists are trying to protect the pod from the villains, who are called Boggans and they basically want to destroy the entire forest b/c they pretty much destroy anything they come across like a disease. That's why they want the pod to prevent it from preserving the forest forever. I have yet to hear the score outside the movie, but going off those tracks you mentioned it might be Tara's theme. But I wouldn't be surprised if the themes represented Tara, the Forest/Leafmen's home, and the pod.

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