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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Changing a non-white character's race to white is bad because non-white characters are underrepresented.

It's damn near impossible to create a popular character on the fly. It takes genius and a lot of luck for a character to become a cultural icon or even have any staying power.

How many cultural icons have been invented from comics in the last ten years?
Regarding your first comment, if race IS a big deal, you can't change any races. If race ISN'T a big deal, than why worry about race to begin with? Its meaningless political correctness. Its asinine to say one character's race is more important than anothers'. Race either matters or it doesn't. You can't have both.

Regarding your second comment, is anyone really trying? How often in the last ten years has Marvel or DC said 'Hey, we've got a new hero that we're releasing, check out __man issue 1!" If Marvel put the time and effort in creating a new character instead of killing off Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe, maybe they would have had something. I'm sorry, but Spiderman IS Peter Parker. He's not a legacy character. And Peter Parker IS white. Just like Falcon IS black. Or everyone in Big Hero 6 IS Japanese.

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