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Default Re: Wolverine's hair

I like His X1 look the most by far, its always changing and scruffy, theres a scene showing him wash his face and stroke his hair back (when talking to cyke and Prof X) It works, and is very natural.

I love the curls hanging down over his forehead and the flare to his chops right under his ears. To my knowledge they were extensions/additions, making his overall look a bit more feral.

The style basically stayed the same in X2, but with a little more definition and consistency. Wolvie hasn't looked the same since.

Man I miss those claws and hair, they were PERFECT. Since then its all gone down hill with each film. Now in The Wolverine, his claws basically come out of his palms/between his actual fingers. I hate it Ugh. Hopefully the story and acting distract from the horrible claw placement. The Hair is okay though, Better than X3 at least. From the 70's pic of DOFP wolvie looks to back back in prime form, especially his hair style! Bring it hime Singer!

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