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Default Re: Avengers 2 and X-Men DoFP are both using Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

the x-men movies have made 1.8 billion dollars in worldwide box office and they will use the twins first. clever move. except for 1 little detail......

the avengers made 1.5 billion in worldwide box office, and that's 1 movie versus 5, singer and millar can say and do anything they want, but its just not going to make a difference with NO advertising, fox sells movie merchandise through diamond direct ONLY, now disney will sell avengers merchandise in just about every store you can think of, and ANYONE who thinks disney is going to push x-men merchandise is HIGH, especially with guardians of the galaxy coming out 2 weeks later, i like the x-men, but i am also a realist. DISNEY OWNS MARVEL LOCK STOCK AND BARREL, fox and sony own movie rights and NOTHING else. first class LOST money domestically, and barely made over 200 million overseas, and yet fanboys cling to to the hope that quiksilver and scarlet witch will help??? fox needs to stop now and save themselves the embarrassment.

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