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Default Re: The Stealth Express of Doom News & Discussion Thread:

The cover looks good.

I've read the magazine, there's about ten pages of Wolverine. Mostly a long interview with Jackman about his history playing the character. Some background details about the previous films but not much in the way of new details about The Wolverine.

There's little bits about Yukio, Silver Samurai (although he's just referred to as Harada here, no mention of SS), Viper, Shingen (described as "the antagonist of the piece") and Mariko with comments by producer Hugh Parker and a side-bar bit with Mangold talking about his influences (Chinatown, Black Narcissus, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Floating Weeds and Happy Together).

Basically, a nice feature but nothing new for people who've already been following the film.

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