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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Wow, looking at those toys on the last page... major nostalgia. I actually have the Batmobile toy somewhere in the attic - the one that the action figures fit in. One of my favorite toys from my childhood.
I will say,walking into Toys R Us in May 1989 ( I remember it was then because I had just gone to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at a theater about 30 minutes away from here,as neither of the 2 theaters in town were showing it. and the TRU was across the street) and seeing the Toy Biz Batman figures on the pegs was a geek-out moment for me!! for some reason,around here anyway,The Joker was hard to find at first. didn't get him til after the movie came out.

for the record,those aren't the figures I got back in 1989. those were opened and played with. these ones,a friend was cleaning out his mother's attic and found this stuff that he used to have,so he sold them to me.actually,ALL the stuff on that shelf is from him,minus the newer 1/50 scale Hot Wheels stuff...

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