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Default Re: Avengers 2 and X-Men DoFP are both using Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
I know that technically Fox can still use SW and QS because they're mutants and fell within the X-Men movie rights, but this is still a low-blow since it was Whedon who first announced that the twins will show up in TA2. But as long as we get to see them in Marvel Studios' Avengers 2 I don't really care if they will appear in DOFP first.
just cause Whedon announced it first doesn't mean, Fox didn't already have plans on using him before the announcement... were they just suppose to write the character out of their script cause Whedon called shotgun

I mean, if it is true that they only decided to put him in after the fact, then ya its d!ck move, but, we don't know that for sure

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