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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Hi, I'm Racer Morose.

I was a teenager when Batman 89 was released and I ahted everything about it before seeing it. Keaton as Batman, the black armored suit, Joker having so much screentime, etc.

But since the moment I saw it, it became my favorite Batman version. And one of the best superhero movie I had seen, along with Superman. And that opinion didn't change until I saw Nolan's The Dark Knight, which I consider a triumph within the genre.

I love almost everything about this movie, even with its flaws. Sure, you scratch your head wondering how come Batman couldn't trace the Joker's toxics back to AXIS chemicals before or why Alfred thought Vicky Vale deserved to be told "the truth", but all in all Keaton, the comedian, turned into the most terrifying bloodcurdling Batman I've seen. It's incredible how his presence taints all the movie, even the scenes he's not in. How he was keep hidden and misterious by Burton. And Nicholson... well, he was born the Joker so he just let everything out. When he laughs, you can see the laughyter flooding everything on screen.

It's very well known that gotham City was genius, hell breaking through pavement and all that. And what to say about Elfman's magnificent score.

The 1939 Batman was captured to perfection here.

I don't hesitate to call this a classic in the superhero genre.


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