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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion) - Part 2

Or maybe he's somewhere living all by his lonesome while being haunted by Jean because she's dead...

lol... I am writing a Scott centric story where he suffers from having Dreams and Hallucinations of Jean because he feels he's directly responsible for her death. now before you ask let me just say that this is a what if Scott had shown up at the end of X3 and after Logan tries to gut Jean, it fails to kill her thus leaving Scott having to pay the ultimate price by shooting Jean with a why a gun? this point, Scott would have temporary lost his power because when Jean held them back before and during the time when they kissed at Alkali Lake, she somehow scrambled his mind and his power and realizing what was happening, she sent him back away from her before she could kill him. lol. Something my friend came up with, actually. Then someone finds him with no memory as to why and what he was doing when he's wandering around aimlessly in a place out of nowhere.

Somehow Scott does gets his powers back but it would have to be dealt with time travel which would lead right into DOFP... lol. I even wrote a scene where Logan finds Scott and tries to get him to come back to the X-men...and this is after Logan returns from Japan in The WOlverine.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in helping me out with some minor details, I would appreciate it, thanks. Trying to find some help with this story.

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