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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by mikey1974 View Post
The Vickie thing...

it's just... I don't want to say a condemnation of Alfred. but,really,he met Vickie 3 times total:

1) a brief encounter the night of the charity casino ball
2) the night of Bruce and Vickie's "date",telling stories about young Bruce
3) seeing her out the next morning

yet,he feels she's "special" and deserves to know the truth? Jesus Christ,was he SO desperate for Bruce to not be Batman that he wanted a chick he barely knew (and who's sole purpose of coming to Gotham was to EXPOSE BATMAN!!!) to be Bruce's soulmate? Holy s#it,she's in the journalism business! he's damned lucky she DID care enough for Bruce not to tell Knox,have them publish a story exposing Bruce as Batman,and they'd both be sitting in jail!
Plotholes, man. You can find at least one in every superhero movie, Batman included. At least B89 can say there was a Writers Guild of America strike while it was being shot.

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