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Default Re: Lethal Samurai Steel - The Win Yun Lee / Silver Samurai Thread

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
I've seen a screen cap of it. His hands are facing directly at the screen so it easily could be the perspective.
I understand how some could think that, but if you truly understands perspective and depth and realize that wolverines claws are not perfectly parallel in the movie, it's pretty clear.

In no way would all 3 of his claws be facing directly toward the camera, unless they were all 100% straight and parallel(even then you would be able to tell the depth in real time. I know angles and perspective very well, I'm a sculptor and art student, and I also know wolverines claws perfectly. We would see the depth on the 1st and 3rd claw no matter what if they were perfectly facing the camera. In the frame they all appear exactly the same.

Also the shape is off, the claws have a design to them that reflects light of the front, they are beveled to give the sharp points. In the frame you can even clearly and directly compare the cut claws, to the in tact claws on the other hand and realize what the difference is.

Again, in no way, in any right sense of perspective and logic would his claws look cut off if they were just facing the camera. They look cut off because they are removed, not because they are just facing us.

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