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Default Re: The #DOFP Buzz/Hype Thread [Net, Blogs, Statistics...]

Don't forget there Is possiblty of amazing SPider-man 2 at least domesticly doing less than
first film.The first film didn't wow many people like the Rami Films.I am in minority of liking amazing Spider-man better.There Is also possibilty of them trying to do too much In one
film.Introducing mary Jane and norman and harry osborn into rebooted series.Having
Electro and Rhino as villains.On top of that you have speculation of the Green Goblin also In film and Gwen Stacy dying.The Amazing Spidr-man doing under 300 Million domesticly
could be because some didn't want a reboot,and certinly didn't want one so soon.

In fact I will make prediction most likely Transformers will be top film of summer and I hate Michael Bay's take on them.

Best Marvel films-X2 X-Men Days of Future Past The Amazing Spider-Man X-Men Captain America The Winter Soldier The Wolverine X-Men first Class The Avengers Iron Man The Incredible Hulk
Best DC films-Superman Batman Returns Batman The Dark Knight Batman Begins Superman II The dark Knight Rises Superman Returns Watchmen
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