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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Jeph Loab and co are a novice when it comes to animation so I expected as much for the show to be the way it is, an 80's cartoon series set in the modern era.

This is what I feel Marvel should be geared towards in general with Animation, Movies and Video Game and that is to the syfy crowed and the last time I checked millions of syfy fans exist, this are the same people who love Marvel and DC Comics, the same with star wars, star trek, harry porter and transformers. Billion dollar industry of today thanks to the syfy crowed.

Comic book shows always attract teens, young adults and adults and its time for companies to realize that like Nick is with shows like legend of korra. They can make money from that crowed with there animated features cause to me, Animations is a different type of medium that can be used to explore a certain interest from another perspective, just like the billion dollar industry known as video games.

Back in the day who ever thought that video games would turn into the way it is today. It was for kids wasn't it, but look at it now, times have changed and it's time for Marvel's Animation to get with the program.

I am not saying this show is s**t or bad and what not even though the animation is a big of a let down cause it's not as good as Ultimate Spider-man, it looks very incomplete and that's strange and if you consider the animation great and awesome then you must be smoking something serious lol.

So I have decided not to continue this show because I feel it's not worth my time, I will catch up later it's not my priority I don't need it. I will be back to watch Marvel cartoons when they finally know their true audience and never ignore them again just to make a bug, which I believe without a shadow of a doubt they can make more money with kids and Teens and Young adults and adults to make up the family demographic.

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