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Default Re: Lethal Samurai Steel - The Win Yun Lee / Silver Samurai Thread

Originally Posted by TWayneP View Post
Welp it's in the trailer. I've explained it earlier, but you guys will just have to wait and see it in the movie if you don't see it in the trailer clearly. I can't say it's a spoiler since its in the trailer, but they do come off.

It's the scene on the factory warehouse bridge setting, with the giant "silver samurai" , the "lightsaber" (as mentioned above) comes down on one set of his claws. You can see the frame of the orange lit sword coming down, and later in the trailer for a split second Logan is laying down facing the shed skin of Viper with a singed off pair of claws. There's a very slight orange glow to them. It must be seen in 1080p under the best viewing conditions to see it.

I will try and screen cap it when I'm at my desktop,

I don't know how he's gonna bounce back from that.
If his claws were cut, he couldn't place it back easily. He would need a major surgery and he would need to find adamantium.

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