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Default Re: *Spoilers* Problems caused by the MCU

Too be honest I love the fantasy elements in the MCU and comic book movies in general more than trying to have a lot of realism like Nolan's Batman. The thing about sci-fi is usually in many ways is fantasy or a form of it. I think I love Iron Man 3 more than the first two because of how it doesn't try to focus on being in a realistic world, which the first one did and the second had less of. The MCU has plenty of science fiction over fantasy, I then even the comics is more sci-fi than fantasy. I think it's why I enjoy Thor and Captain America more than Iron Man 1 as well, it has what I want in comic book films.

I'm hoping Man of Steel presents more of the same, having great stories in a fantastical/sci-fi world. Although I can see MOS being the "Iron Man" that begins the path to Justice League for DC.

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