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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by Frico View Post
Being the massive Hawkeye fan that I am I gotta say I was really pleased with how he was handled as the show went on. Perfect Clint. His lines were great and at times he stood out more than anyone else IMO.

I thought the show overall was good but not great. But I'll definitely stick around for a few more eps.
As a Hawkeye fan, I'm satisfied to an extent.

The extent being that he's easily the best character on the show so far. Iron Man is annoying. Captain America is decent but I him playing second fiddle. Hulk is okay. Thor ... I don't even know, he's horrible. Black Widow is okay. Falcon, somehow, is even more annoying than Iron Man. Hawkeye is literally the only good character - although he wasn't as good in episode 2 as he was in episode 1.

The extent ends though when you compare Hawkeye AA to Hawkeye EMH. The EMH Hawkeye was perfect, as were most characters. Yes, EMH's had some problems - but this show has more.

Honestly, the first episode of AA was solid. I wasn't in love with it, but they handled my favourite character really well and it had a decent enough plot. 7/10. The second episode... I did not really enjoy. 4/10. It was just not as good and Falcon/Iron Man got even more annoying than in the first episode.

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