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Default Re: 'X-men: DOFP' Official CAST Thread (announcements and discussion) - Part 2

Originally Posted by GarysMyOldman View Post
Do you really want to waste time on, "the cure was only a temporary fix" "all the deaths were a bad dream" "The Juggernaut isn't really this annoying hairy British guy" ?

I'd rather leave X3 alone and continue on, maybe leave the first trilogy alone completely and just start anew and vaguely mention things here and there when needed. Why be reminded of that mess?
1) magneto on screen saying "the cure didn't stick" is all you need. Hell X3 ended even with magnetos power returning. Won't take any screen time what so ever.

2) xaiver died in X3 ... You HAVE to tell the audience how he's back. Or it will actually hurt the film

3) any other returns would just be cameos at the end with the fixed timeline

4) no one said anything about the juggernaut. His ship has sailed

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