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Mine from the other thread. Don't really care about the order. Deadpool, Uncanny X-Force and Silver Surfer are what I really want added at some point.
Originally Posted by def28 View Post
2014: X-Men: Days of future past
2015: Fantastic Four , Deadpool
2016: X Men flick lead by Cyclops featuring main X crew without Wolverine. Or him leaving to create a covert team.
2017: Uncanny X-Force (Wolverine,Psylocke,Deapdool,Angel,Fantomex) FF2
2018: Deadpool 2?, X-Men: AOA
2019: Silver Surfer solo,
2020:FF3/SS mash up,UXF 2
2021:X-Men 11teen or whatever
2022: Silver Surfer 2

Reasons are obvious for Deadpool. He's the last of Marvel's big guns without a flick and theres a ton of potential to do something different and have fun with the series.

Uncanny X-Force for three reasons. 1. If you read the book you know its the best ass kicking roster and X-Men story since the classics and is a good companion to AOA. (would be better as a post AOA film but could work as a set up with some changes) 2. It seperates Wolverine from the main team (which everyone wants), and gives him a more violent roster to lead that fits better with him. Plus he can finally wear the mask 3. It gives us Psylocke as a female lead. She deserves that time and has one of the heaviest scenes here that I've read in a X-Men comic that would transition perfectly to film.

Silver Surfer. He's one of the best Marvel characters out there and deserves to be done justice in his own film, too much there to just treat him like FF2 did. He can meet with the FF in a following film.

FF and main X-Men films will always be there. I have no problem with the FF or X-Men crossing into eachothers films if it's needed, but don't really have a desire to see a film dedicated to them teaming up. They have so many stories I'm not too worried on what I'll see, so I want some new stuff introduced and focused on. Only thing I demand from the main X flicks is an AOA film and not to remake X3.

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