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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Batman vs. Bane Round 2 is freaking epic. Everything about it, the music, the setting, them looking for each other through the crowd, Batman's sense of calmness and composure despite some rage at Bane still bubbling below the surface, Batman having to adapt his fighting style and using Bane's momentum against him.

It was great.
I beg to disagree, that whole scene (IMO of course) is very underwhelming from the moment the cops start marching towards the scenery.

1. The "highly trained" mercenaries are firing at the cops with automatic weapons (hundreds of cops btw) and only manage to hit one or two

2. The choreography is terrible. I know there were a lot of extras but maybe the battle was too ambitious even for Nolan

3. The Batman/Bane fight is probably the least impressive final fight in the whole trilogy. Both the Batman Begins (Batman vs. Ninjas/Batman vs. Ra's) and TDK final fight (Batman vs. Swat/Batman vs. Joker) are better. Also, Batman only manages to win because he attacks Bane's mask, without this he would have been toast.

I don't see what makes that final battle so great.

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