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Default Re: The Stealth Express of Doom News & Discussion Thread:

Originally Posted by TWayneP View Post
I just take it as artist interpretation. Wolvies claws in the comics were constantly changing, and still are. If mangold and Co. wanted to have them come out lower, be more metallic, or curved, or however, its their artistic decision. I don't think it really needs a plot point to back it up. Maybe it was just to make the CGI more realistic and better.

Its cool to have different claw designs in different movies in my opinion.

Its bad when they constantly change during the same movie though, haha, Like X3 and a little bit of origins. They kept changing placement and width apart, etc

Singer will get back on track with DOFP, how they looked in X1 and 2. Flawless and cool/REAL in every scene. I hope Mangold at least has some consistency with the claws.
Yeah, I don't have any problem with them being different really. I prefer the placement of the older claws but the size and shape of these ones looks good and, like someone else said, the detail around where they come out of his hands, more wound-like, is good as well.

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