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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3

Originally Posted by Judge Culpepper View Post
I was anxious to see how Iron man 3 was going to be. I thought the first movie was phenomenal, but the second one was a dull disappointment.

All in all, Iron Man 3 failed for me for the same reasons IM2 did. First off, Iron Man is barely there. He appears to be quickly defeated (apparently Stark had this new suit prepared, only not for combat, WTF) and then he's off-screen for the rest of the movie until the very climax. And it's more the suit alone doing things and Tony Stark commanding it from afar. The climax was, much like IM2 one, more bombastic than good.

Plot holes are not missed either: at some point Stark saves Pepper by covering her with the Iron Man suit in less than a second. At the climax of the movie Pepper is in danger again, falling to her death and somehow Tony forgets to repeat the simple procedure. And apparently Aldrich Killian's formula transformed people instantly into expert fighters as it was Pepper Potts who ended up beating the bad guy here with some nice fighting skills, performing better than Iron Man himself... you know, the hero of this movie... sort of. As if having the superhero off the screen for 90% of the movie hadn't been enough.

That said, superheroes movies have been using and abusing humor (and any kind of humor) too much now. But to completely transform the main Iron man villain into a joke - and literally so - was way too much. Mandarin turned into a joke was the ultimate blasphemy against what is the greatest villain in the iron Man universe.

As usual, the only thing that kept everything afloat was Robert Downey Jr's performance, able not only to perform mediocre jokes nicely but also mixing comedy and drama beautifully.

I was telling myself I wasn't going to, but now I'm going to reply to this one anyway.

You said in the post above you don't think you'll watch the movie again, but I say, you clearly didn't get most of it on your first go around, so maybe you should.

Your "plot holes" aren't. Point one has already been addressed, and point two, Pepper being a martial artist, isn't one, either. She's not making MA moves. She uses sheer physical strength. She picks up something to use as a bat, she whacks Killian with it. Anyone could do that. Then she smashes a fly-by suit with her fist - anyone with the necessary structural body resilience and strength could do that. No finesse required. Then she kicks a missile towards Killian - again, no MA move. Any kid kicking a can in the street can do it. And then she fires a repulsor. Clearly, she picked up how when she first wore the suit during the mansion attack. So much for you plot holes.

And moving from the specific to the general, it really pisses me off how people who apparently don't even plan on thinking the movie through or giving it a chance (based on bias or not) come on here using rhetoric like "blasphemy" for something that is at worst "controversial". Hyperbole much?

Rant over.

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