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Default Re: Best 3rd movie in a CBM franchise so far?

I hated IM3 so I enjoyed SM3 more I couldn't care less who disagrees with that opinion I wasn't seething after SM3.

For me TDKR is the best 3rd superhero movie because it is the most competently made were as most 3rd superhero movies are a jumbled mess. They are so concerned with topping their (often) excellent second movie they throw everything into the movie and forget about simply telling a good story.

So this is my list based on how much I was entertained because often these 3rd movies are too awful to be truly 'enjoyed'. I'll include a score for context

1. TDKR - 8/10
2. SM3 (YES! SM3!) - 6/10
3. X3 - 5/10
4. Superman 3 - 5/10
5. Transformers 4 - 4/10
6. Blade 3 - 3/10
7. Batman Forever 2/10
8. IM3 - 2/10

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