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Default Re: FoX Cinematic Universe

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
oh, Ive just seen Ages of A. so thats for main cast, I guess.

Good, then
Yeah of course, gotta have all those characters in AOA. Although, if they don't show Rogue and Storm doing some cool **** in doFP and Singer is still attached, then I could care less if they went with other characters for a main roster.

The years aren't really important on my list, I just want a selection of films from Fox like that. If they don't expand and give us a Surfer, Deadpool or another strong Xteam (would strongly prefer UXF ) I'll be pissed. Most studios would kill for those. Use what you got or gtfo ya know? We are in a time where GotG is a hyped up movie. Surfer is a bigger name then all those guys. You know Marvel would kill to have those guys back, so Fox needs to show us why we should say otherwise.

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