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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3

Originally Posted by Judge Culpepper View Post
If I ever get to see this movie again, I'll pay attention to that. I thought by the end Stark was controlling them all while they're flying around.

Well, Stark did a bit of training before doing well. Pepper passed from an executive to a martial arts expert. But more odd than that was that they decided to have Iron Man out of the movie for the most part and when they decided to bring him back for the climax, it's the love interest who did the job.
You mean like they've done for *all* the Iron Man movies? Pepper is the one who killed Obadiah Stane; she's the one who had Justin Hammer arrested; it's only natural she should take out Aldrich Killian, too. Hell, I'm surprised she's not the one who face-planted Loki into the floor in The Avengers.


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