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Default Re: The little things that bug you

Originally Posted by Donnie Darko View Post
I remember there being a funny little thing about that on Family Guy years ago. Anyway, like you said, sometimes it works, like in something silly like Hot Tub Time Machine, when Craiig Robinson's character looks right at the camera as he delivers it. However, it would've been terrible if after Bruce tells Alfred about becoming a Sybil and all that, Alfred leans back and says "so, Batman Begins."
I laughed so hard at that part of Hot Tub Time Machine. Robinson's delivery was just perfect.

Anyway, a few bothersome little things.

-When a character goes through a seemingly elaborate set-up to do something symbolic. Like in The Dark Knight Rises, Batman sets off an explosion that looks like the bat symbol. Why did he take the time to set that up when there were time bombs all over the city?
-When a whole group of henchmen attacks a hero one at a time.
-Overuse of jump cuts. Like shaky cam, jump cuts can be used to convey a certain atmosphere in a movie, but they are often used much more lazily.

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