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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by mikey1974 View Post
good point. I actually had a friend who basically fell in love with the first chick he slept with. didn't end well. I find it a little hard to believe this was the first woman Bruce ever slept with,'s not impossible. he was a complete mystery, his file at the newspaper basically had nothing in it,so he wasn't the comic Bruce,dating starlets and such,and being such a recluse...maybe Vickie WAS his first sexual encounter? and he went all insane in the membrane? he confused his attraction to her and her interest in his mysteriousness as love.cause I really don't think Vickie was in love with him. attracted,sure. but love? she went on one date with him,slept with him,got pissed when he lied to her about going out of town (making her fell as if she was used as a one night stand),then was intrigued with the mystery surrounding him,in a journalistic type of way. but I never got the impression she thought of Bruce as her like soulmate or anything.
I also think she got hooked by the mysterious Bruce Wayne personality. And the fact that he lied to her increased her interest, like she really loved him more the more he hides from her. But once the mystery was over... she quickly lost interest.

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