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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Thank you so much, Wadaltmon. You have been a huge help to me so far. I think that if the formula is strong and sticky enough, it could stick to my hands to help with swinging. And I think I could Practice swing on ropes to increase my upper body strength. Also, I didn't really understand if you were saying that I could use a basketball pump nozzle or couldn't. Now that I've thought about it more I think the most realistic thing would be to use Iron Spider's idea from earlier on in the forums to use a tank on the back. Sorry if I'm bombarding you with questions but I'm only an advanced fifth grader, and even though I'm advanced I'm not great with chemistry. So if I used a tank, do you think I could cut up soda bottles, and use that to make stank? I would then pressurize it to about 150 PSI. How far would this shoot? Then I would connect this to shooters with tubing reinforced with duct tape. The spinneret would be one medium size hole in the middle and three smaller holes around it. How would you recommend heating this? And what could it be made out of? The fluid would come out of a basketball pump nozzle. One more question. Is there a way that I could have something built into the tank to pressurize it when it ran out of air?

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