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Default Re: "Yeah, it's going to be fun"- The Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson Thread

Natasha has some badass skills but Steve has the super serum, and thus far there's nothing in the MCU that indicates that she is in any way enhanced. Personally I hope they leave her that way, no longevity, no variant of the super serum, just completely normal and totally badass. Her 616 backstory has been retconned so many times I would like to see the MCU take advantage of it being a different universe and streamline her history, make her just as old as she appears. The more people that have super soldier variations and enhancements the less special it becomes. It works in the comics because there are so many characters, but in the movies there are so few it becomes tired. I'd like to see both her and Hawkeye remain normal humans in every way except for their extraordinary skillsets.

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