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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

I'm sorry -- but as much as I love what Marc Webb has been doing with the franchise, it won't feel complete until he touches on Green Goblin AND Doc Ock. I know we are definitely getting the former.

I really hope that if after the trilogy -- and we've gotten Lizard, Rhino, Electro and Green Goblin... they sign on for three more film and give us Doc Ock, Venom and Green Goblin II.

Amazing Spider-man 2:
Norman Osborn

Amazing Spider-man 3:
Green Goblin
Gwen Stacy dies.
We don't know the whole movie if the Goblin is Harry or Norman. It is Norman in the end.

Amazing Spider-man 4:
Black suit introduced. Cancer suit, not alien.
Eddie Brock introduced.
Doc Ock as villain.

Amazing Spider-man 5:

Amazing Spider-man 6:
Harry becomes the Goblin.

I felt it when Rami was making his films, and I hold to it -- you need 6 films to tell the whole Spider-man story and do it justice on screen.

You need enough to highlight:
Uncle Ben
Aunt May
Gwen Stacy
George Stacy
Harry Osborn
Norman Osborn
Mary-Jane Watson
Otto Octavius
Eddie Brock
J. Jonah Jameson
Curt Connors

Other characters that you can fit in are icing (Sandman was that villain in Rami's films and Electro and Rhino are those characters this go around). I don't feel that those characters are ESSENTIAL in telling the Peter Parker/Spider-man story -- but they are all characters I will enjoy seeing. But to feel TRULY complete, I really hope that Garfield stays on for 6 films.


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