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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

Originally Posted by Harrier View Post
For an armored look like film adaptations seem to use I like this look from Phil Cho, if for anything it lightens some areas of the armor so its not so deep black.

I like this, I think the belt should be matte grey and it would look clean. As someone whose dissected a human and studied human anatomy I think the skin tight plastic look is terrible as that Adonis measurements aren't possible in modern day and look ridiculous. Also no one in that physique could move, especially in that armor.

If you look at Burton's batman it was too stiff and impossible to do batman like things in that outfit. Def dark gray would look good but I feel the shoulders are always neglected and if shown would be more intimidating. If the cape could be farther back or on the rear delts that would look better than covering the anterior shoulder.

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