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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man


-Electro, Rhino, and Norman Osborn are the villains
-A lot of hints of the Green Goblin are shown throughout the film
-Electro and Rhino will be put into Ravencroft


-The Green Goblin and the Chameleon are the villains
-Chameleon poses as Norman most of the time
-Talks of the symbiotic
-Eddie Brock introduced
-The Daily Bugle introduced
-Gwen dies


-Mysterio and Doc Ock are the villains
-Everyone mourns over Gwen's death; Harry uses drugs
-Peter and MJ become closer as very good friends
-Peter uses the black suit, but gets rid of it at the end of the film
-Peter nearly kills Ock and Mysterio
-Hints of Harry becoming GG II
-Black Cat is introduced


-Venom is the villain
-Peter and Mary Jane begin dating
-Harry becomes psychotic; becomes GG II at the very end of the film
-Eddie is sent to Ravencroft at the end


-The Sinister Six w/ GG II (Doc Ock, Electro, Rhino, Mysterio, Vulture)
-Harry sacrifices himself to save Peter after he realizes that his father was truly evil
-Harry kills Vulture and Rhino in the final battle

Vulture would be a petty crook that Rhino formally knew. Doc Ock hooks him up with flight gear.

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