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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR? - Part 1

I think that poster just got fed up of the non-stop nitpicking going on in this section. Bane is a henchman, really? So how about Darth Vader, does him being second-in-command to the Emperor make him a weak villain? A 3-second shot of Bruce getting back inside Gotham is needed? . It is tiring really, and like he said here

I always come to the dark knight rises forum because I enjoy watching you guy talking about the movie what you like and what you dint like but sometimes posters seem to want to destroy the movie is perfect if you state your opinion but damn why do you want to make another individual feel bad just because he likes that movie.
he might just be viewing the threads in this section, but reading all the non-stop nitpicking, complaining and negativity is really tiring. In fact I have a lot of comebacks to some of the nitpicks here, like Shikamaru's answer to my posts in the previous part of this thread, but I just decided not to answer anymore because I'm tired.

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