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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - Second Teaser Online May 21st

Originally Posted by lastairbender View Post
Well, i'm hoping for an ultimate trailer next month, perhaps with Man of steel.. like this movie the trailers were better from 1 to 3rd. I' m not a superman huge fan, but i think the movie will blow away people with its epicness! And then theres Pacific Rim, an "end of the world" movie.Of course, Wolverine looks very small among these productions but the movie is very different, but i wish that with the 3rd trailer, they can awake people awareness, Hey Wolvie is here!! I'm counting on you FOX!
Trailers could be deceiving.

Who knows if Man of Steel will turn out to be a bad movie and the editor just made it look like its a great film with a 1 to 3 minute trailer.

But I do agree that FOX should give this movie an epic-looking trailer. They are trying to sell this movie to people when they release a trailer. Might as well do a bloody great job trying to make this film look better than it is in the trailers.

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