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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

Originally Posted by milost View Post

We're in Gotham, now we're in an unknown pit in the ground. Oh, here's a bomb. Blake just killed a guy, oh snap they're gonna kill Gordon! No they're not, Gordon just took them out. Final Batman and Bane fight? Let's cut away to two other happenings across the city like Episode I the Phantom Menace while this chant is booming.

I really hate the way that second Bane fight is cut.We've got to keep goin' back to freakin' John Blake when I want to see an epic throwdown.

It wouldn't have hurt the film if they took their time in some places. It shouldn't be a presentation of sprinting to the end. Certain areas of the movie should set the mood. How about one of the first scenes we ever saw in a trailer? Where Bruce (or ski-masked "Batman") visits Gordon in the hospital for the first time in 8 years? That should be a thoughtful, touching scene that takes it's time. Show Gordon's response to seeing his old friend since "that night" after this stranger comes through the window. Show the shock. Don't just cut quickly and skip things where you have Bruce going down the window, then right at Gordon's side with less than a minute left. That's a BIG moment isn't it? Hell, they spend more time with Bane and Bruce in the pit with Bane's speech then they do with that scene.

No time to savor it, take it all in. Most of the movie is like that. BAM, BAM, BAM, throwing mud on the wall and hoping it sticks. I don't think anyone expects Tarantino like dialogue or scenes where it's all about slow build up and character interaction but a little more "being in the moment" would be nice instead of racing off to stop plot device A or B every 20 seconds.
Yeah.It reminds me of BB where Bruce flings the gun into the river and a half second later Bruce is at the club.No time to savor what was (at least in this series) the most profound decition in Bruce's life.

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