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Default Re: Would FOX be open to selling partial rights?

I think that a lot depends on the success, or lack thereof, of The Wolverine. If the film tanks, and I think it may, FOX executives are going to be very nervous about what looks like a very expensive DOFP follow up. The studio would like a full blown marketing push reminiscent of The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. But so long as Marvel controls the film's merchandising, and has incentive to see the X films continue to decline at the box office, that won't happen.

Both Disney/Marvel and FOX may be to pigheaded to make it happen, but it would be in the best interest of both studios for FOX to offer Marvel the FF rights for a reasonable price, in return for supporting FOX's X films. I've long thought FOX would prefer a check from Marvel rather than dealing with the expense of putting the Negative Zone, a full CGI Thing and a dynamic Mr Fantastic onscreen. So there's definitely room for a deal to be made, if the two companies can put aside their current conflict.

As to sharing rights: Given the discomfort among the fan bases, and probably the studio executive officers regarding Wanda and Pietro, I think both FOX and Marvel would prefer to keep that as a rarity.

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