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Default Re: A live-action Spider-Man TV series

You know, a live action Spider-Man series could be very exicting. I think I understand when people say it would be very expensive. I mean I don't think you can do Spider-Man swinging around unless you have a decent budget. But I think they could comprimise, they could just show him swinging from one building to the next (with wires) and when it comes to villains and fighting go with the idea the OP had of setting it in Oscorp, where wierd things happen, mostly people getting powers through accidents etc. If they go the mutant angle like Smallville they do not need a ton og CGI and they can use mostly the character in make-up, etc.

I think it would be a good chance to create all the inter-linked relationships in Peter's life and really focus on that, since they wouldn't have the budget to focus on the theatrics. I do think however, this would be a long time in the future. I think some said Smallville had great effects for a TV show, especially in the early years. Christopher Reeve said an effects scene that would have taken over a month to accomplish in 1977 they were able to produce in a week-by-week TV show on Smallville, which is all down to how fast and updated CGI effects can be over the years.

With that in mind, who knows, maybe one day they will be able to produce effects like what we see in the Raimi movies in say 2025 on a weekly TV budget. One can only hope.


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