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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
You see, that's the thing - Nolan doesn't ignore a lot of those plot points in TDK, he just skims over them in favor of other....things.

Gordon actually gets arrested by "the people" in TDKR for his lies to the public, but he doesn't have any form of a mea culpa when he stands trial. That scene should have had so much weight to it, but Nolan just skimps out on the juicy stuff.

The Harvey Dent cover up is revealed by Bane at Blackgate prison, and then we see the fall out of a pissed off, jaded, and lied to Gotham City. Brilliant stuff is shown in the montage, but that is it. It stops right there after that scene, and then it's clean streets for the rest of the film.
Completely agreed.

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Rachel's letter is something I haven't really though about. I mean, it's revealed to Bruce from Alfred in there last conversation before Alfred leaves. Great scene. But yeah, it's not really mentioned anymore. I guess you can spin it that Bruce really locked in on a subconscious suicide mission when he fought Bane the first time; because of hearing about the dear john letter. Still that's rather skimmed over too, but not as bad as the first two I mentioned.
Rachel's letter. i don't even remember if Bruce Wayne did believe what Alfred what telling him or not. Really. It's really vague. And it all changes to Alfred suddenly feeling this Batman thing can't go on or he quits.

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