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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

I defiantly have agreement with the OP. Although I do not think all of them are terrible or bad.

The only really good ending was the Joker's ending. His was actually really good. As viewers and fans, we know the Joker and Batman were made for each other. And "they are destined to do this forever". And think that ending accomplished that meaning.

Nolan's "Two-Face" was never actually Two-Face. It was always just Harvey Dent. "Two-Face" was never really a villain. He was just a "Fallen Hero".

Ra's could have been better. But it was not bad.

Scarecrow was terrible. I thought when Batman said Crane is just a pawn, I thought he was just saying that. But he really meant that, :lol:.

Talia was an absolute joke. Why Nolan did not yell "CUT!" in the middle of Talia's death is beyond me. Horrible ending for her. I would have much preferred the cliché catfight to kill her off.

Bane was awful too. Probably the worst of all. He held so much meaning to Batman just to be killed from behind.

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