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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

looolx u makes the laughing too hard... singer an oscar caliber director... jest is in order n'est pas hupti... Singer.. Oscar caliber LOL... his best film is still is first easily which is sad... hardly any growth and several disappointments and missteps... valkyrie, SR, jack giant killer was such a huge borefest, horrible special effects, bloated in every department.. when he couldve done x-men 3, X-2 is only ok on its own but him doinf x-men 3 would have at least been better than Ratner's "vision..." but not by much.

thats the problem with singer right now, his films feel bloated and boring in many departments... its like hes totally lost his edge.. Valkyrie, just average when it could've been so much better. SR lets not even start. Jack Slayer, I mean how misguided can one get. Huge fortunes of money wasted on this film and this led to the crash of digital domain...LOL Singer does not know how to manage money at all and most of his films recently have gone over budget or just so much of it is misused and wasted or barely seen on screen. He does too much pre-viz then shoots all these sequences and leaves millions of dollars of footage on the floor cuz he loses his own aim of what he wants to do. He's really dropped down to someone who is a muted talent... He's between a competent director and a serviceable one.. He's just overall very boring with no sense of edge or style.

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