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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
You keep forgetting what "familiarity" does to the general audience. Sometimes, people are more interested to see on who they are familiar with. Another why reason why the Spider-Man reboot didn't do so well compare to the first Spider-Man film because the general audience were so familiar with Tobey Mcguire's portrayal of Spider-Man.
Or maybe some of it had to do with it getting fair reviews and the previous Spidey flick being regarded as a pretty terrible film. Who knows. I thought ASM was boring as crap, but I know others who loved it. It's a somewhat divisive film. So maybe people didn't want to waste their money on a film they were uncertain about. It still made alot of money. If you can show me specific data to how the general audience thinks we can put all that to rest. There are different situations for different films. I expect ASM2 to make a ****load of money.

Unless they are just bad films, the audience will never have a problem with films about new characters, and overtime (usually 1 film) will accept changes with recently rebooted ones. Everyone starts somewhere. I dont think anyone can start off as The Avengers or Dark Knight.....well maybe James Cameron.

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