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Default Re: Updated Rating for The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Judge Culpepper View Post
That;s not everything but was mentioned as one of the main reasons. Bruce didn't have to quit as Batman because of the dent Act, since the Dent Act would be finished only if the truth was exposed, not if Batman kept going on. Now, I get that if you're a fugitive you'd better quit and go home, but it was Rachel was turned Bruce down.
That is everything. It's stated in TDKR that Bruce Wayne quit as Batman because of the Dent Act, because he and Gordon "won", because the Dent Act cleaned up Gotham. Bruce Wayne also quit being Bruce Wayne because he didn't want to move on and didn't feel the need to because the one woman he had his eyes on died. And Bruce even quit on his company because he royally screwed it up because of the failed clean energy project.

There's no excuse as a narrator to propose an important element just to forget about it, or treat as something unimportant just because you ran into bigger things. Those lies had potentially enormous consequences. That's why they were such great elements into the story.
He didn't really forget about it, only skimmed through it while others wanted to see more, Nolan clearly didn't.

I'm sorry I don't get the meaning here. Joker?
The Joker. The poster you were also talking to on this thread.

Could be. But where exactly?
When Bruce said Alfred destroyed his world. That shows that Bruce acknowledged that Alfred was telling the truth.

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