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Default Re: Hot Toys Dark Knight Stuff

I just picked this guy up.

I freaking love it! It's my first Hot Toys figure, and I'm wondering if I've gotten myself into something that will leave be penniless.

I went and got some plexiglass to cover up the front of the bookshelf I already have. Hopefully that will do the trick to keep the dust out. I even grabbed some relatively inexpensive LED light strips that really add to the display. Every once in a while I just find myself glancing over and looking at it.

I've got to say, though. Other than some of the Terminator stuff and the upcoming Man of Steel figure (depending on what I think after it's revealed), there isn't a whole lot jumping out at me as something I would want to spend so much money on. Some of the other Batman stuff looks pretty cool, but I'm a little hesitant because of some of the things I've read online about possible problems with the rubber suits down the line. What kinds of experiences have you guys had? Any recommendations?

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