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7/10 is still good. But nowadays simply not good enough if you want to sell several million copies of your game, and expect people to buy it at launch.

A couple more reviews.


Fuse Review: Insomniac Abandons its Personality

Coming from a studio like Insomniac which has always shown imagination in their game mechanics, that Fuse is so painfully generic is quite disappointing. Fuse, ultimately, is an effort best forgotten, because it demonstrates little of what made us like Insomniac in the first place.


the escapist

Fuse Review - High-Tech Mayhem

Bottom Line: Some of Fuse's flaws, like the grindy boss fights and a storyline that takes itself a little too seriously at times, can harm the experience, but it's a well built third-person shooter that's fun to play solo or on a team.

Fuse is a fun action game that old and new fans of third-person shooters will enjoy, but it's not free of a few speed bumps that hurt the overall experience.



Fuse Is A Co-Op Party Waiting To Happen

So, with its first dual console release, Insomniac Games hasn't exactly gone gangbusters. However, it's a start that could lead to bigger and better things. Fuse has its problems in terms of storytelling and making the single player experience fathomable – especially with three idiots in your employ – but the co-op comes together nicely, and the gameplay generates enough gun-toting excitement to get you through a few well-invested hours of play. It's worth a few nights' rental, at the very least.

Also…why didn't it keep the name Overstrike? I always thought that fit better…



Fuse Review - A decent outing for those who seek a cooperative adventure

Overall, I commend Insomniac Games for trying something new and different from most 3rd-person shooters. I think the leveling system, team perks, and Echelon Mode are terrific additions and make this game stand out from others. However, at it’s core it’s a typical generic third-person shooter that doesn’t feel that much different from anything we have played in the past.



To the credit of Insomniac Games, movement is as smooth as in their Ratchet & Clank games, and the shooting mechanics seem refined from their work on the Resistance trilogy. The hacky story is at least accompanied by a few good quips and the missions have a few neat diversions in which the party splits into smaller groups or gets timed. But none of this really excuses the banality of Fuse itself, which is missing the larger-than-life set pieces that might make the campaign pop, nor the redundancy of the gameplay, which gives you all these cool weapons only to have you do the same thing with them over and over again, regardless of whether you're on a space station or an underwater research facility. Like the Die Hard franchise, then, each new level plays to diminishing returns, a mindless exercise in action over substance.



Review: FUSE - I'm at the end of mine

Whether it's true or not, Fuse does feel every bit like another victim of the heavily focus-tested, leader following, perpetually terrified mainstream game industry. It's every cloying and desperate element of the retail console market, brought together -- fused, if you will -- to create a factory standard example of a game that tries to be everything the hypothetical mainstream consumer drools over, and ends up as nothing remarkable.

That's Fuse in a nutshell.

It's nothing.


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