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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Originally Posted by BATZARRO WWD View Post
I dunno. I think fleshing out the villains a bit more, and maybe not kill them off so much. Maul was cool, but no-note, Dooku showed up halfway through the movie, The Neimodians are...not threatening. How come none of those guys felt like the antagonist of a story.
Because they never did anything threatening/particularly cruel and they never seemed like they had a good chance of winning. Think about it-

Neimodians- Whined, begged, and cowered whenever they were threatened in the Phantom Menace and killed not one person on screen.

Darth Maul- Stood silently with a cool costume while musical cues told us he's bad.

Darth Sidious- Made a bunch of threats, followed a plan that (strictly from what the movie shows us) was completely illogical, and again did nothing to reaffirm his power.

Count Dooku- Appeared over half way through the movie, didn't do anything threatening or evil, only things that made sense based on his agenda.

Darth Vader- Enters the screen surveying a smoldering pile of dead bodies with satisfaction, chokes a struggling grown man with a single hand then tosses him aside like a rag doll, tortures the lead actress, chokes someone across the room for not agreeing with him, is said to have spearheaded an ethnic purge which lead to the death of the heroes father, kills the mentor, one of the last remaining mysterious Jedi left in the picture, kills the heroes best friend, displays no emotion besides frustration, and this is only in the first film.

The Neimodians should have a transmission of them killing the people of Naboo we met in the opening scenes to add urgency, Darth Maul should have been the primary threat in contact with them and should have demonstrated why the Federation fears him (off one of them with some cruel use of the force), Darth Sidious shouldn't have been revealed until the end in maybe a hologram to make him more mysterious and to allow Darth Mauls presence to justify his own, and Qui-Gon shouldn't have been the only loss in the final battle.

Lucas made the prequels far too kid friendly. He seems to have forgotten kids like to see things they perceive as adult because it makes them feel apart of the bigger world.

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